Executive Panels

Our Executive decorative panels for steel doors

Our Executive-Panels series is composed of “high definition” panels for steel doors inspired by the decorative moldings of wooden doors. If this original series Unisson caused a sensation when it was released, it undoubtedly created a precedent and spread like wildfire in the industry. These elegant panels give your steel door a refined and classic look: combined with the Executive-Doors series of doors, they add a dose of style to any home.

They can be used with glass inserts to add an outside window to your hallway. An infinite number of combinations are possible for a personalized and magnificent door, durable and efficient.

The urethane insulation also gives this series superior insulating power, allowing energy savings and increased comfort in the home. Leave the cold outside in winter, and keep it cool outside during the hot season, with style and elegance.

Our doors are designed in Canada using high quality original parts. Proud of our handcrafted manufacturing, our steel and fiberglass doors meet the highest Canadian standards in our field.

Executive Panels

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