Low E technology insulated doors

Commodity-Lites doors are offered in a variety of models ranging from sophisticated to practical. Solid and durable, resistant, magnificent and customizable, our doors cater precisely to your tastes, your needs and the style of your home. Be sure to take a quick look at our whole collection in order to compare between products and find your best fit.

Commodity-Lites doors can have Low E glass which offers 25% more insulation than standard, clear windows. This technology keeps freezing temperatures out and all the warmth you need, inside your home. The same can be said for summer, when scorching weather should stay out and comfortable coolness is kept inside. Not only does this improve overall comfort, it helps you save energy while not forsaking style, elegance and originality. Choose between full glass doors or sectioned windows, per your space and the look you want to achieve.

Rejuvenate your facade in style with a quality product adapted to your taste. At UGM, providing you with the best quality products is our number one priority, that’s why we ensure that only the best handpicked products are on our website, available for you to choose from.


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