Super Spacer®

The world’s first all foam, NO-Metal spacer system

super spacer

The Super Spacer is a genuine double seal warm edge spacer framework that uses a superior acrylic glue for its auxiliary seal, supported with a water vapor seal.
super spacer
The edges of a window’s protecting glass are the most affected against temperature change. After the wear and tear of time, this prompts buildup of molds & rotting.

This additional moisture is hindering for the entire window installation; recoloring your wood, peeling your paint, molding your frames, and an assortment of different issues.

Your normal single-seal protection is developed with just a single kind of sealant. This is an improper technique, since they are called upon to do more than what their designed for.

By swtiching to the Super Spacer, the outcome is an amazing decrease in buildup of condensation, keeping your family safe and happy.

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